About Us & How We Work

PreFab Factory

Jet PreFab was founded with the intention/mission of designing and building affordable, high performance, eco-friendly, modern homes. Homes that use less energy to heat and cool, use products that are healthy to humans, can be recycled and don’t excessively pollute the earth to manufacture. It is also our practice to provide our clients with over-the-top customer service during all stages of the project.


How long will it take?

During the Design Phase we will work with you to complete your Site Analysis and to help you qualify, secure and schedule the needed on-site contractors in your area. Your Jet home will be built within 3-5 months, depending upon the size and complexity of the design. During this time your site work (driveway, excavation, drainage), foundation and on-site utility needs will be completed. Upon delivery, we will assemble your Jet Home within 1-2 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project. At this stage your home is is about 90% complete.

After your home is assembled, all of the finishes are installed. It will take approximately 5-6 weeks to fully finish your home at which point it will be ready for you to move in.


This is how it works:

You can choose from one of our home designs, or we can work with you to custom design your home. If you already have a set of plans we can turn them into a prefab project, saving you time (lots of time) and money. When you first call us, a Jet Rep will be assigned to your project. The Jet Rep will work with you from start to finish. He or she will explain to you all of the details and options  available, making sure you are comfortable and fully understand the process and costs involved in building a Jet Prefab home. If then you decide to move forward with building a Jet Home, your representative will walk you through the following stages:

Step 1

This is the design/build contract stage. After you have chosen a home that you like and have been given a preliminary Schedule of Values (a list of what things cost), a deposit of $5,000 is required.

Step 2

We will review your building lot conditions and generate a plan of action that includes general site planning and design. E.g. house placement, utility requirements, driveway/parking plan,  storm water management, drainage and grading. We will fine-tune the design of your home if needed, make changes to the floor plan if desired, and make material selections. We will then generate the final set of Construction Documents which will be submitted to a Local Engineer in your area.

Step 3

We will find and qualify the right local contractors and trades people in your area to perform tasks that are not possible to do in our factory.  Your project will require an excavation contractor, a foundation contractor, a local electrician and an HVAC/plumber for final connections. You will also need a few finish contractors all of which we will work with you on securing. Now that we have contractor pricing and prefab costs, we can put together your final budget and prepare an all-in up-front cost for you so there are no surprises down the road.

Step 4

We will schedule the fabrication of your home, its delivery date and  will collaborate with all tradespeople involved to set up a start-to-finish timetable for your Jet Prefab Project. While the site work, excavation and foundation installation are taking place, our team will build your Jet Home in our facility and prepare it for shipment to your location.

Step 5

We will ship your Jet Prefab and install your home within about a week, after which your home is finished. This is when the final connections to utilities are made, the finishes are installed and your home is completed. “Finishing” generally takes about 6 weeks.

Step 6

Enjoy your new home.

Jet PreFab Panel System Assembly Diagram